“Christa Justus has an amazing voice that seems to have an endless supply of colors and qualities — and she deserves to have an album that shows her off in full. She and Andrew have looked at these songs, distilled them through Christa's warm heart and personality, refracted them through Andrew's devious, non-conventional, and imaginative brain to produce concoctions that are irresistible.”

- Richard Maltby, Jr.

“Christa Justus ... gets it. Chameleon Christa inhabits each person quite well, with a strong streak of optimism frequently radiating through and informing everything. Hers is an ingénue sound, brimming with hope, with feistiness and wryness ready for display.”

- Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

“Justus has a most mellifluous voice that serves ballads well, but one that can swing....”

- Peter Filichia, TheatreMania.com

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